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Welcoming Villa May

To coincide with the festive season, Ecopia Retreat launched their second luxury holiday villa, Vila May. Owners Rob and Yael believe their newly constructed luxury holiday villa is a unique and exciting short-term holiday option for visitors wanting an immersive, boutique, five star experience. 

Continuing to embrace the raw natural beauty of rammed earth, Villa May is in every essence of the word spectacular. Accessibility has been taken into consideration throughout all aspects of the design and building process of the villa.  A sweeping boardwalk meanders down from your parked vehicle and onto the 180-degree hardwood deck that leads up to the entrance. Once inside, the spacious open plan layout provides guests with complete ease of access to all of Villa May’s luxurious amenities.  The full range of accessibility features can be found here 

Each villa has been exclusively sited on the 150 acre property, allowing guests the opportunity to experience the abundance of wildlife, from the privacy and comfort of your villa.

Ecopia Retreat – the most exciting up-market Kangaroo Island accommodation, for those seeking equal parts luxury, immersion and accessibility.

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